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Hello, my name is Daniela Lochan

Welcome! I am the founder of Accelerate Tutoring. I live in New York with my wonderful husband Kendell and our two blessings Isabella and Abigail. 


About Me

I currently live in New York, but I grew up in Quito-Ecuador. My family moved to the United States when I was 15 years old.  When we arrived in New York, I felt as if I was thrown into the middle of a storm. The school year had already begun, so I had no time to get used to the changes. I  went through a period of cultural shock that made my high school years hard to say the least. I remember crying every day because I felt isolated due to the language barrier and subjects I had never studied before. However, there were a few amazing teachers that went above and beyond to help me succeed, and it is because of them that I became an educator myself.

I believe that having struggled emotionally and academically during those years has allowed me to connect more deeply with the families I have had the privilege to serve for the last decade. Every student has potential; every student needs support. 

Accelerate Tutoring began serving families in 2014 as an In-Home service, however as of April 2020, we transitioned fully to online services.

Graduates Holding Diplomas


Bachelor of Arts in Education
Queens College, Class of 2007
Master of Science in Education and Special Education
Touro College, Class of 2010


Writing Paper



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