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Meet Daniela


Hi, my name is Daniela Lochan!

 I am the founder of Accelerate Tutoring. I live in New York with my wonderful husband Kendell and our two blessings Isabella and Abigail. 

Originally from Quito, Ecuador, I now reside in New York City. My family's move to the United States when I was 15 was a whirlwind, thrusting me into the midst of a new culture and educational system. Despite the challenges of adapting mid-school year, I found invaluable support from dedicated teachers who inspired my journey into education.

For the past decade, I've been privileged to serve families as an educator, initially through Accelerate Tutoring's In-Home services since 2014, and fully transitioning to online services in April 2020.

My own experiences of overcoming language barriers and cultural adjustments drive my passion for providing personalized, relational, and one-on-one tutoring support. I firmly believe in every student's potential and am committed to guiding them toward academic success and personal growth


Bachelor of Arts in Education

Queens College, Class of 2007

Master of Science in Education and Special Education

Touro College, Class of 2010




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